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Staying safe online

The internet is a great resource, but can also be a risky place. Here are some links and information to help young people to stay safe online.

Young people tell us:

  • They thought they knew who they were talking to online – until it turned out to be a stranger
  • They thought it was ok to share a photo with their boyfriend or girlfriend – but realised it wasn’t when they broke up
  • Their parents think they know what they are doing online when really they don’t
  • They wish they knew who to turn to when they were bullied
  • They wish they had known earlier about keeping their online profile private


What can you do:

Want to talk to someone?
Services for Young People staff can discuss your concerns with you. They can give you information and guidance to help you to deal with your situation, and support you to cope with your feelings and worries.

7 tips for staying safe online

The internet can be fun and a great place to chat and share photos so it’s important to keep it that way! Keep yourself safe online by using these top tips:

Reporting a problem
If you are worried about online sexual abuse or if the way someone has been communication with you online is making you uncomfortable, you can report it to the national Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency (CEOP):


Bullying online is never OK. Click the following links for information and how to get help:

Further information

The ThinkuKnow website
Run by the national CEOP agency, the ThinkUKnow site has lots of information and up to date advice.

Herts Citizen Academy website

Think you know about sexting? Do this 10 minute course and take the quiz.

Leaflet for young people with learning disabilities

This leaflet about staying safe on social media and online is by the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities and is in an easy to read format. How to keep safe online

The Little Guide to Passwords

Watch this video about how to create a password that's too hard for criminals to crack:

Watch this video made by young people about online bullying:



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