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Hospital youth work

Services for Young People hospital youth workers work closely with NHS trusts to support young people in hospital and other healthcare settings.

The Services for Young People hospital youth workers provide support for young people and young adults in Lister and Watford Hospitals as well as community healthcare settings across Hertfordshire.

Healthcare professionals or the young people and their families can request a visit from a hospital youth worker. Together they will identify what support they need with issues that may be affecting their physical or mental health, both during their hospital stay and beyond. This can include one-to-one or group sessions discussing emotional health and wellbeing, dealing with schoolwork or exam stress and relationships. 

Want to request a visit?

If you know a young person visiting A&E or a community setting who would benefit from support from one of our hospital youth workers, please email:

Text service: 07860 058827

Text service: 07860 058820


Feedback from some of the young people who have used this service

  • "I like having a weekly text to check how I’m doing."
  • "I have been sent to a provision in my area where I can meet other people like me."
  • "I like being able to talk to someone who gets what I’m going through."
  • "I like that it’s not medical support and I’m an expert in my own condition."