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Support for young LGBT+ people

Services for Young People supports young LGBT+ people through projects across the county and through the 'Who not What' group, which represents the voice of the young LGBT+ community of Hertfordshire at a county-wide level.

Services for Young People projects for young LGBT+ people

There are LGBT+ projects for young people across the whole of Hertfordshire. They are safe environments where you can meet other LGBT+ young people in your area, get support, learn new things and have fun!

Professionals who work with young people and parents/carers can refer a young person to one of these projects here: Make a referral



The Young Pride in Herts website was created by the Who not What group. It contains a wealth of information to support young LGBT+ people as well as information for parents and professionals.

Please click on the links below for full details of the LGBT+ projects for young people in Hertfordshire.