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Parent feedback

National Citizen Service (NCS) is an opportunity for young people to grow in confidence and independence, while learning new skills, making a difference and new friends.

Photograph showing an adult speaker and parents sat listening.

Here's what some of the parents of young people who took part in Services for Young People National Citizenship Service programmes have had to say.

Summer 2021

"Two of my children have taken part and gained so much from the NCS programme in confidence, life skills and making new friendships."

"My daughter had a great experience with NCS. She made new friends and visibly gained confidence from the various activities. It took her out of her comfort zone, challenged her, but with the support to help her develop new skills."

"[My son] didn't know anyone before he started. The group were so friendly and the staff were amazing. Loads of fun activities that kept him interested and engaged."

"My daughter really enjoyed it... It was a lovely way to meet lots of other young people in a safe, positive environment where they could try lots of different activities and do something positive for their community at the same time."

"Our teen thoroughly enjoyed the experience, coming away with not only meeting new people, making new friendships and learning new skills, but with a real sense of achievement and renewed confidence in their own abilities. Thank you NCS!"

"My daughter really enjoyed the experience and made some new friends. The leaders were friendly and supportive."

"Good programme. Well organised. My son had a great time and made new friends."

"My daughter enjoyed every minute of NCS... Every day she came home with a big smiley expression, 'we did this, we learnt this, I made new friends'. Kudos the all team who made it happen!"

"Our son really enjoyed it - it offered new experiences and he made new friends. His group raised over £800 in their community project for Action Aid!"

"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the activities, said the leaders were all really lovely, learnt loads of skills and made some new friends! Would definitely recommend this!!"

"My son gained lots of confidence and had a great time meeting new friends!"

"My daughter was initially reluctant to join in but it was really positive experience for her, the leaders were great, she made new friends and raised money for charity."

"My daughter had a great time. She met some lovely new friends and learned a lot of new skills. Every day she came home full of enthusiasm telling me all about what she had done that day!"

Autumn 2020

"Excellent experience, especially during unexpected conditions due to Covid-19! Thank you NCS Team!"

"The fact that the course was full of activities and challenges where the teenagers had to work as a team, made the course very attractive to my daughter as she loves team games. She made new friends in such a short period of time. It was particularly invaluable during this pandemic where the young people were affected most. I cannot thank you enough for organising it during these difficult times."

"My daughter enjoyed every minute she spend with you all."

"Very good organisation and programme. My daughter enjoyed it very much and she has started feeling much better."

"My daughter had such a fantastic time and met great new friends."

Feedback from previous years

“I just wanted to say a huge huge huge thank you for your whole team’s work on the NCS programme. As you know my daughter was a little bit resistant about it all and signed up under duress! However, she has had the MOST amazing month with you all. I took three of her friends home yesterday and they were also so positive about the whole experience.

“She has made the most incredible friendships, learned to work as a team and be respectful of others. She has adapted to different types of people and learned not to judge, all qualities that I hope will remain with her throughout life. She now feels more confident about starting college in September and more able to deal with all sorts of situations. I really can’t thank you enough - your team of leaders have been so supportive, nice to talk to and very committed. My daughter even showed some interest in being a leader in a couple of years!

“I have told so many friends who have teenagers and recommended your programme. It has made an incredible difference to us personally and for my daughter it has changed her outlook on life forever. Never underestimate what you are doing - without meaning to sound corny - you really are changing lives! I feel so passionately about this scheme that I am going to write to our local MP too.

“Thank you to all your team for their dedication and commitment to deliver this course so professionally and long may it survive!”

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