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National Citizen Service (NCS) with Services for Young People

“NCS was a great experience. I met wonderful people and made friends that will last a lifetime. I can’t express all the good things that NCS brought in my life and hope it does for you too.”

Why not take part in NCS with us this summer?

Take part in NCS and you'll do loads of amazing activities during the summer holidays and beyond. Sure, you could Netflix-binge your way through the holidays… but if you want a summer to remember get yourself on NCS.

Here's what you'll be getting up to

Each NCS wave takes place over two weeks and is divided into four phases:

Be Epic
Home for the first five days of your NCS experience will be at the University of Bedfordshire where you’ll spend four nights staying in the university's rooms. You’ll be off site for two days feeling the freedom of the outside world taking on adrenaline-filled activities at local activity centre Box End Park, Bedfordshire. Your team will cheer you along every step of the way, sharing in every challenge and every success

Live Life
Alongside your activity days, you’ll participate in skills-boosting workshops over three days at the university learning crucial life skills, all supported by our experienced youth workers.

Do Good
During week 2 you and your team will devise and deliver a social action project based on an issue you feel passionate about. You'll have the skills and confidence to do anything – the more original, the better! This is your chance to feel proud by making a real difference in your community. This week is non-residential and will take place at a venue in St Albans.

Go Party
At the end of your NCS experience, celebrate your achievements with your fellow NCS grads and receive your certificate signed by the prime minister!

To find out more visit or click below to start your sign up journey now!

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Who can come along?
NCS is open to Year 11 and Year 12 students aged 16 or 17. You’ll be in a team of around 15 other young people from your local area. You might recognise the odd face from your school or college, or you might be meeting everyone for the first time. That’s the beauty of it – lots of new mates await at NCS!


During Week 1 you will be living at the University of Bedfordshire, staying on the Polhill Avenue campus, Monday - Friday.

Transport, accommodation and refreshments are included in Week 1.

During Week 2 we will be at a local venue in St Albans.


Choose between the following dates:-

  • Wave 1 - Monday 11th July to Friday 22nd July (2 weeks)


  • Wave 2 – Monday 25th July to Friday 5th August (2 weeks)

How much does it cost?

This summer your two weeks will only cost £50. What are you waiting for?

What about Covid?

We’re following the government and the National Youth Agency’s guidance on managing youth sector activities and spaces during Covid-19. That means you'll be in venues that have been selected and checked following rigorous guidelines and specifications to ensure the safest environment possible.

When you're in a group, it will have no more than 15 people in it, plus the staff looking after you. All staff will have been trained to deliver high-quality, safe experiences... and are there to make sure you're having lots of fun too!

There will also be signs up in all buildings and supervision to make sure you're able to move around safely. All activities you take part in will have been designed with Covid-19 considerations in place - requirements on social distancing, PPE and how many people can be involved.

How do you sign up?

To get the ball rolling on your NCS application, head over to Once you’ve registered your interest, a member of the Services for Young People NCS Team will be in touch and from there, we can confirm your place!

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