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Comments we have received about our services


From a parent of a young person who attended a Supporting You project in the St Albans district, May 2022

"The projects my daughter attended last term have made a massive difference to her wellbeing! In the space of a few weeks she went from being withdrawn, with low self-esteem and regularly self-harming, to a bubbly, confident and much happier girl. She is so much better at controlling her emotions… is nowhere near as anxious and she hasn't self-harmed in months! The key thing that changed in her routine was attending the Services for Young People's projects; so I can safely say that what you are doing works!"

From a parent about a Personal Adviser in the Watford, Three Rivers and  Hertsmere Team, March 2022

"I truly want to thank you for all your support and guiding us in the right direction. Before we met you, we were very unsure about [our daughter's] next steps... you have made [us both] feel very at ease and supported."

From Richard Hale School, Hertford, March 2022

"Thank you Services for Young People East Herts Team for all that you do. The quality of individual support and expertise you provide is a crucial part of our extensive careers education programme. The feedback from Year 10, 11 and 13 students has been exceptional!"

From Haileybury Turnford School, Cheshunt, March 2022

"I wanted to thank everyone at Services for Young People for all the help and support that they have given to our students over the last few months - and in some cases years! Your staff work tirelessly to help support our students and do it in such a natural and caring way that everyone feels so comfortable. Their knowledge is amazing and the support is second to none!"

From the Headteacher, Ashlyns School, Berkhamsted, March 2022

"I wanted to extend my thanks for the time you were able to give at our Extended Learning Day last week. This was a fantastic opportunity for students in Years 9 and 10 to research career opportunities and hear about vital employability skills from experts in their field. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise - it was a valuable experience for our students."

From the LRC Manager, Ashlyns School, Berkhamsted, March 2022

"I just wanted to express our gratitude for such an inspiring day today and for creating such a special event for our student community. Your fantastic session provided a wonderful opportunity for students to start to think about career possibilities in such a relevant and meaningful way."

From Assistant Head Teacher, Townsend Church of England School

"Services for Young People is always so incredibly supportive and helpful. I really appreciate all that you do for Townsend School."

From two young people who took part in our NHS Cadets programme, November 2021

"Thank you so much for offering me the opportunity to do NHS Cadets. I have loved the experience, and it has taught me many new skills that will help me progress in the future. Thank you!"

"I really enjoyed being a part of the NHS cadets programme. I found it fascinating to learn lots of different aspects of how the NHS and wider healthcare works. It has allowed me to improve and learn skills that will help me going forward in life. From doing the course it has cemented in my mind how I would like to pursue a career in medicine for the NHS. Not only this but the leadership and communication skills that I have picked up along the way have really helped me moving forward into 6th form. I would thoroughly recommend this course to everyone as it allowed me to both develop my skills and my interests.”

From a young person who took part in our East Herts HAPpy holiday activity programme, Summer 2021

“The HAPpy Project was a very fun and lovely experience. The Youth Workers and other young people were very welcoming and kind and made you feel comfortable as someone who had never been before. I would definitely recommend it to other young people.”

From Oracle School, Bedfordshire, about an LDD Team Personal Adviser, July 2021

"It’s been fantastic working with you... Thanks to you we’ve achieved better outcomes than our students might have otherwise... You really are amazing at what you do, so thank you for all your efforts on our behalf."

From a parent in the St Albans district, July 2021

"The Services for Young People referral [process] was really easy, and we were put in touch with an adviser. He has been so supportive both to me and my son, in involving him in youth projects and supporting him. The team at Services for Young People are brilliant. Thank you so much for a great service. I wish more people knew about this service and I will be telling everybody!"

From Bishop's Hatfield Girls' School, June 2021

"Just to say thank you so much for your time and energy at our Careers Day. The students absolutely loved the session you ran and really enjoying hearing about your experiences and the advice you gave them. It always makes such a difference for students to hear from people outside their day-to-day experiences and your session proved to be very engaging and enjoyable. They especially enjoyed understanding more about how to prepare and carry out research before the interview situation, which will hopefully mean the advice and guidance time is even more productive in future. The feedback from the students has been really positive, and they enjoyed your calm friendly manner and your good humour, along with the session content, which the vast majority used words such as 'interesting', 'different', 'inspiring', 'thought provoking' and fun' to describe."

From Rickmansworth School, June 2021
"I am very appreciative of the support from Services for Young People for us as a school and, more importantly, our students. You do such an amazing job over so many different areas of young people's lives. Thank you."

From Stanborough School, Welwyn Garden City, about a Personal Adviser, May 2021

"Please can I just say a massive thank you for all the help and support you have offered the Year 11s both this year and last. I know from speaking with parents and pupils you have been an invaluable support in guiding the Year 11s though all their options and have gone above and beyond to accommodate students during the pandemic and also when in school. All the feedback says how approachable and easy you are to talk to and how you make everything seem so much more straightforward. Thank you in particular for supporting students who constantly changed their minds and required multiple appointments and extra TLC - it has given me great peace of mind to know that they all have a plan for the future."

From a parent in the Dacorum district, April 2021
"For all of the [Services for Young People] youth workers out there that may not know how important they are... To access the right help [for my son] is feeling helpless and impossible at the moment, but outside of our family I know these amazing people are there and the difference of just having them on our side means more than I can put into words."

From a young person in East Herts, April 2021

"I had a meeting on Microsoft Teams with [a Services for Young People Personal Adviser] on Monday... who helped me prepare for my interview by discussing the potential interview questions I might be asked. I wrote notes to help me and the meeting made me feel more prepared for the interview. I attended this morning and was offered a trial shift today and accepted it. I am looking forward to this new chapter. Thanks very much!"

From a parent in the Broxbourne district, March 2021
"My son and I have been liaising with a [Services for Young People LDD Team] Personal Adviser over my son's education options when he leaves Hailey Hall School at the end of this academic year. To be frank I have been dreading this transition and where my son would end up. Your team member has been a revelation! Professional, informed, efficient and absolutely brilliant in dealing with and coming to understand what my son needs to succeed. She has found him the perfect course, assisted with applications and generally been so very helpful. It has been a delight to work with her. I just wanted you to know the very high standards she has set and that she is an absolute credit to your team. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation."

From Marlborough School, St Albans, February 2021

“Thank you so much for the [Virtual Employability] session today – a huge achievement for everyone and done so professionally. Very well received by students – would be great if we set up another session if possible.”

From a parent in the St Albans district, February 2021

“[My daughter] has told me she found the sessions with you extremely helpful and we have all noticed an improvement in her mood and attitude. Thank you from us for all the work you have done with her. You really have had an impact and made a difference for us as a family.”

From a young person in Hertsmere, February 2021

“Just wanted to say how much our calls in the first lockdown have helped me… every bit of advice you gave me… has given me a way of getting through this lockdown now. Where I cried every day at the start, I’ve only cried once this time which I’m proud of but yeah thank you.”

From a parent in East Herts, January 2021

“I have a very anxious teenage son with ASD and SPD. He was referred to a [Services for Young People] youth worker by the social prescriber for young people in Bishop Stortford. The combination of input from [them both] has been a lifeline to us during the pandemic. Our son has really been supported, and without their continued input and support I think we would be facing much more severe mental health challenges with our son… It is such a valuable resource in preventing escalation of anxiety and helping young people cope.”

From a parent of a young person attending the Hertsmere Pathways to Success Project, December 2020

“Thank you SO MUCH for that meeting… and all your help. It is just so lovely to have someone act as a very knowledgeable adviser and friend to both [my son] and me... and you are totally wonderful. It’s quite difficult as a parent to know that one has exhausted every avenue and thought about everything to help [someone like my son] move on with his life, so it is wonderful to feel we have someone like you to help us.”

From a young person in Hertsmere, December 2020

“[You have] helped by making me feel like I am worth something and shown me other ways of thinking, and I have seen there are positives to life now. I have learnt how to talk to people more.”


From a parent of 15-year-old attending the North Herts Boys and Young Men’s Project, November 2020
“A year ago, my son was a recluse. I’m delighted with his progress. Services for Young People started his transformation. Meeting us at home, making him feel comfortable and attending the [Boys and Young Men’s] group has really helped him build his confidence, self-esteem and independence. By the end of the term he had come out of his shell… he jumps out of bed in the morning - I’m amazed at his transformation, he’s absolutely thriving. He’s feeding snakes, walking goats, and looking after giant cockroaches at college and he loves it. I’m so proud of him”. 

Looking after bearded dragons and at the giant cockroach enclosure

This young person subsequently received two offers to study Animal Management at college and became a volunteer for a local animal care service. He also won the North Herts Services for Young People ‘Be Happy’ Award in November 2020 for his outstanding progress in developing personal and social skills over the previous 12 months.


From a young person at Yavne College, Borehamwood, November 2020
“Today I had my one-to-one careers advice meeting. I found it extremely helpful as it provided me with some much-needed clarity as to what I want to study next year. I wanted to thank you and everyone involved in arranging such an amazing opportunity.”

From the parents of a young person attending a Watford Team youth work project, November 2020
"I would just like to say a huge thank you for making our daughter so welcome on Wednesday evening. She had an amazing time and felt so welcome. I wish I had discovered your wonderful programmes earlier... I think what you and your team do is absolutely amazing and as parents we really appreciate it."

From a parent of a young person attending the Hertsmere Better Choices Project, November 2020

“I think you should know how amazing Sarah has been working with my daughter and myself. I am so grateful for all the hard work that she has put in with my daughter and all the support that she has given me… I feel we have been so lucky to have her work with us.”

From an Empathy Project volunteer (aged 19), Stevenage, November 2020

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you’ve done for me over the few years… my confidence has honestly improved so much since I first met you at my interview. I really don’t think I’d be where I am today without you and for this project.”

From a parent of two young women who received Services for Young People Awards, October 2020
"The girls were over the moon when they received their letters this morning! I can not thank you enough for their nominations. I am so proud of them! They have come a long way in the last year, and [Services for Young People] has played a massive part in that. Thank you so much for all the support you have given the girls (and me!) - it’s amazing what young people can achieve when they have people to support and encourage them. I am a very very proud mother!"


From a young person who had worked with a Personal Adviser at Chancellor's School, October 2020
"I’m so thankful that you’re checking up on me! I’m enrolled in chicken shed (one of the colleges you recommended to me) and I’m so glad I came. I think it’s the best stepping stone for where I want to be in the future. I’m very very grateful for your help and I know if I hadn’t spoken to you I’d probably be doing something I wasn’t happy with. I know acting is not a stable or definite career path... but I’m doing what I’m passionate about and if it comes to it I can always try to go to a uni studying something else. Thank you again :)"

From a parent of 16-year-old attending the Stevenage Supporting You Project, Autumn 2020

“I would like to say a sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have offered; it has been helpful and comforting to know that the help is available out there. I wish you and the group you are running all the very best.”

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expedition, October 2020

Feedback from parents
"My husband and I are very pleased with our daughter's achievements since starting her Bronze DofE Award. Her confidence has grown since volunteering at the New Hope Charity Shop, Watford; from walking to and from the shop independently to working with a very supportive group of older volunteers. We were so impressed with her attitude at the end of each day of the expedition; she never once moaned about the heavy load she carried or the awful weather on the Saturday, when everything got soaked! We are looking forward to her starting the Silver Award with Services for Young People."

“The team did an amazing job of organising a two-day event in a Covid-safe manner; the only thing they couldn’t control was the weather! Thank you so much for all your hard work to make it possible for the young people to finish their Bronze DofE Award. It means so much for my daughter to have achieved something positive this year.”

‘’I was impressed that the team were able to offer an ‘expedition like’ experience to my son’s group in the current climate he was given all the equipment and clear instructions, he really enjoyed the experience especially the cooking.”

Feedback from young people
“Because of DofE, I have met lots of new friends and learned lots of new skills. I really enjoyed the experience and the sessions as everyone was extremely kind and helped us with both physical and mental hardships.”

“DofE was a great experience – we learnt so many new skills and had lots of fun!”

From the Deputy Headteacher of The Reach Free School about careers guidance provided by a Services for Young People Personal Adviser, July 2020

"Thanks so much for all your work in this crazy term... I hope you know how much of a difference you have made for our pupils, I probably don't tell you enough how highly I know they regard you and value your advice. The school is so much stronger thanks to your involvement. Look forward to seeing you around next year."

From a young person who attended the Stevenage LGBT+ Project, December 2019

“…working in the mental health sector as a [support worker] has made me realise how much it takes to care for others, so I’d like to thank you for everything you did for us and me especially. I don’t think I would have ever been able to come out, get a boyfriend, settle down and become a support worker if it wasn’t for that group… so thank you very much.”



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