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Young People focus on mental wellbeing for NHS Cadets

17 March 2022

Young people at the Broxbourne NHS Cadets group have been exploring mental health and dementia at recent sessions held at Robert Barclay Academy in Hoddesdon and Simon Balle School in Hertford.

The sessions, in which young people explored practical ways in which others can help people with dementia, is part of the NHS Cadets programme, a St John Ambulance initiative created in partnership with the NHS and delivered by Services for Young People (SfYP). It’s designed to provide young people with the opportunity to explore roles in healthcare. NHS Cadets projects take place across Hertfordshire.

Young people aged 14-16 meet on a weekly basis and take part in activities which help them explore a range of job roles within healthcare whilst developing their communication skills, teamwork and confidence. 

A SfYP personal adviser said: “This programme helps young people see the huge breadth or roles available within the NHS. It’s not just doctors and nurses; there are cooks, electricians, accountants and more. We show young people that whatever their interests, there are opportunities for them.”

Young people have also had the opportunity to develop their debating skills, with an exploration of orators such as Barack Obama and Greta Thunberg, followed by a debate on abortion, with students debating a pro-life or pro-choice standpoint.

A young person from Robert Barclay Academy said NHS Cadets “makes me feel better on a bad day”, and another from Simon Balle school commented “I love learning about different mental and physical illnesses, NHS Cadets has helped me to understand common conditions I didn’t know much about.”


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