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The Princess Royal takes part in virtual meeting with young NHS Cadets from Hertfordshire

05 February 2021

Two young people from the NHS Cadets programme with Hertfordshire County Council, YCH Services for Young People - took part in a video meeting with HRH Princess Anne last week.

YCH Services for Young People began the programme – an initiative created by the NHS in partnership with St John Ambulance – in September and so far, has seen 75 young people join up.

It aims to provide 14 to 18-year-olds from communities which are currently underrepresented in the NHS with opportunities to explore different career paths available in the NHS.

16-year-old Eugenia was one of the young people from Hertfordshire to take part in the virtual meeting. She said: “Having the opportunity to speak to the Princess was amazing. At first I was slightly nervous, but she was down to earth, easy to talk to and very keen on knowing about us. She asked us a few questions about how we were, what our future plans were and how we were surviving in Covid. She was very professional about it as well and she spoke with every one of us with enthusiasm and it was really a great experience which I am grateful and thankful for.” 

14-year-old Mahi said: “I found talking to Princess Anne really fun and it was a great opportunity for me. At first I was very nervous in case I messed up or said the wrong thing, but then I realised that she is really nice and easy to talk to, so I stopped worrying and started to enjoy myself a lot more. It felt great to represent Herts NHS Cadets! From the cadets, I am learning so much more than normal. It is a fun and educational way that helps me learn a lot more about the NHS and healthcare.”

Cllr Teresa Heritage, Deputy Leader of Hertfordshire County Council and Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families said: “The NHS Cadets programme is a brilliant opportunity for young people to get a taste of the career opportunities available in the NHS. It is fantastic to see that young people in Hertfordshire are joining the programme and gaining knowledge and skills which will be invaluable for their future.”

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